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Stellar’s Profile

Stellar, (Korean: 스텔라) is a South Korean pop group that consists of four members: Gayoung, Lee Seul, JoA, Jeon Yul. They are under the label Top Class Entertaiment and were founded in 2010 by Eric of Shinhwa. They’ll making their hot debut in June 2011 with their song, Rocket Call.

They filmed Rocket Call’s MV for 3days.

Official Accounts :

Stellar Personal Accounts : Gayoung - || Jeon Yul || JoA - || Lee Seul -

Stellar are having close relationship with Shinhwa and Teen Top. GaYoung starred on Teen Top’s Supa Luv MV.

Join now on Stellar International Forum - GirlsOnTop

(Source: stellar-intl)

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