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Korean New Boyband BB Boys (비비보이즈) + MV

Name: BB Boys (비비보이즈) [can also written with "BB." and "Boyz"]
Label: TBA (Can someone confirm CJ E&M for me?)
Genre: Ballad, Pop
Debut: 25th August 2011
Years Active: ~2011
They will be making their debut sometime soon with the song We Will Be Okay which will feature the very lovely G.NA in the MV. The release date should be announced soon as it seems the MV is nearly in the finishing stages and their debut will come with their first album Best of Best.
Taehee (태희)
Full Name: Lee Tae Hee (이태희)
Date of Birth: September 24th, 1988
Position: Leader
Blood Type: B
Jino (진오)
Full Name: Seo Young Hoon (서영훈)
Date of Birth: December 27th, 1988
Siwoo (시우)
Full Name: Song Min Chul (송민철)
Date of Birth: June 26th, 1989

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